The Microsoft Store Is Crashing on Everyone’s PCs

Raziah Lauretta
2 min readJun 25, 2021


The Microsoft Store Is Crashing on Everyone's PCs

Users are reporting lock-ups, crashes, and failed downloads with Microsoft’s official app store.

Microsoft wants Windows 10 users to use the Microsoft Store more often, but a recent bug has made it hard for people to try anything thereon. Multiple reports are coming in remarking problems with the Microsoft Store, like lock-ups, eternal loading wheels, and the inability to download apps.

New Problems With the Microsoft Store

Bleeping Computer caught wind of those problems after it spotted a wave of posts and reports on the subject. Because it seems, something Microsoft did with the OS lately is causing the Microsoft Store to act in odd ways.

For example, when someone wants to download something from the shop, it’ll either start a never-ending loading process, or the whole page will freeze up.

Users also find that specific pages on the Microsoft Store may succumb to the eternal loading bug. For example, once you attempt to access the download page, the Microsoft Store will show a loading wheel that never goes away.

If you practice patience and await the Microsoft Store to resolve its problems, the app will eventually lock up entirely. Then, your only hope is to shut it using the ALT-F4 keyboard shortcut or via the Task Manager.

When the Microsoft Store crashes, it writes a mistake log into the Event Viewer before it disappears. The error log says that the shop has somehow “stopped interacting with Windows,” which seems like an honest reason to crash.

It’s a shame because Microsoft has been working hard on encouraging users to use its official app store more often. The tech giant recently moved updates to MS Paint and, therefore, the Snipping tool off of Windows Update made them downloadable from the Microsoft Store instead.

As such, if Microsoft wants users to fall back crazy with the official Store, it must get a fix out for this crashing issue. Otherwise, users will start finding alternatives and leave the Microsoft Store to gather digital dust.

A Mighty Chore for the Microsoft Store

Microsoft wants you to like its app store again, but a recent surge of bugs has made it very difficult to do so. Hopefully, Microsoft can get a fix out and obtain the shop in working order soon.

That’s to not say that the Microsoft Store has had a flawless diary. Users have had to regulate the system clock, clear the cache, and even check the registry to urge the Microsoft Store to work again.



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