Potion Craft Puts Players Into the Role of An Alchemist

Potion Craft Puts Players Into the Role of An Alchemist

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator lets players brew their potions, growing the ingredients, using alchemy tools, and discovering recipes.

Players looking to become the last word alchemist won’t miss Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, a PC crafting simulation game about brewing perfect potions. Developed by friendly play games, Potion Craft has impressed players since its release this September, with a Steam review score of “Very Positive.”

Simulation games allow players to measure most of their dreams, from their wildest fantasies to mundane activities. From heavy-hitters just like the Farming Simulator series to the recently-released PowerWash Simulator, there is no shortage of sims for each sort of player. Many games specialise in the mythical and magical, whether players build their wizarding world within the Sims 4 Realm of Magic or expect potion classes to start within the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy. Despite the various magical games on the market, players haven’t yet been ready to become an alchemist in quite the way that Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator allows.

Available through Steam Early Access, Potion Craft takes players on an immersive experience as they learn the art of potion brewing. The town’s people will speak with the player about their troubles, leaving users to work out the simplest potion solution. Players can then grow and harvest their ingredients from the Enchanted Garden, including flowers, berries, roots, fruits, mushrooms, and minerals. They can use their cauldron and other tools to form the proper remedy. Potions are often used for healing, invisibility, poison, or something else entirely.


With its deep crafting system and unique 2D visuals, Potion Craft is probably going a must-play for anyone who has ever been curious about alchemy. Unlike other games that include potion-creation, Potion Craft tasks players with growing the ingredients for their concoctions and grinding them up with a pestle and mortar and employing a range of various alchemy machines and techniques to form their brews. Once the game leaves Early Access, players can expect even more features, including the power to expand their potion shop. More potion effects, recipes, ingredients, and potion bases also will be added because the studio continues the game’s development.

While Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator is out there to shop for and play via Steam immediately, there is no word on when the game will leave Early Access. The event team is evolving the game with many new additions within the future, promising to stay the title in development until it’s wholly complete. For now, players can still enjoy many of the potion-brewing game’s core features and hone their alchemy skills in preparation for the full launch.

Source: Steam/Potion Craft