Nothing Pairs With StockX for Exclusive Ear (1) Earbuds Launch

Nothing Pairs With StockX for Exclusive Ear (1) Earbuds Launch

Nothing and StockX Partner for First DropX Product Launch

StockX’s current marketplace caters predominantly to clothing and sneakers, acting as a reselling platform for those looking to sell high-end goods without the effort of other sites like eBay or Vinted.

But now, StockX is launching a replacement direct-to-consumer platform called DropX. Again, StockX focuses totally on reselling. DropX will shift the main target to new and exclusive product launches.

And first to launch on StockX? The Nothing ear (1), truth wireless earbuds that have caught the imagination of many people worldwide. With stacks of individuals waiting to bag a pair of those exclusive buds, the terms of the StockX launch are bound to up the ante.

On 19 July 2021, the primary 100 pairs of Nothing ear (1) will survive DropX. The Nothing ear (1) StockX drop will last until 21 July, with the lucky bidders (note, not buyers — this is an auction, not an immediate sale!) receiving a pair of earbuds engraved with the numbers 1–100.

Akis Evangelidis, Head of selling and Co-founder of Nothing, said:

Launching a tech product on StockX has never been done before, and that we feel honored that Nothing ear (1) will be the primary. In addition, we’re conducting an auction exclusively on StockX, which suggests our communities will have an opportunity to get ear (1) before anyone else and before it’s fully revealed.

Nothing Raises the Ear (1) Hype

Observers to Carl Pei’s previous global tech company, OnePlus, will note similarities within the approach to Nothing’s first product launch. the method is about building hype, controlling and limiting supply, and building a product into something unfathomably desirable.

For weeks now, Nothing has teased and intrigued potential Nothing ear (1) users, releasing information at a glacial pace to keep potential customers on the hook.

The strategy appears to be working. Under every tweet or mention of the Nothing ear (1), countless responses exclaim for more information or state an intention to shop for, no matter price, specs, or otherwise.

For now, all eyes (and ears) address the exciting proposition of a StockX launch via its new site, DropX.



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