Netflix Will Likely Start Streaming Video Games in 2022

Raziah Lauretta
2 min readJul 20, 2021
Netflix Will Likely Start Streaming Video Games in 2022

Rumours suggest that Netflix may start streaming video games by 2022. Recent hiring decisions support this.

There have been rumours for a while about Netflix expanding into streaming video gaming. However, recent hiring decisions and a recent report suggest that Netflix will launch streaming video games in 2022.

Netflix may also offer video game streaming.

Rumours abound that Netflix may offer video game streaming. Netflix even teased that it might offer “interactive entertainment”. Netflix explained in a recent earnings call that games will be an important form of entertainment.

Bloomberg has released a new report that provides additional insight into the rumour.

The report claims that Netflix has hired Mike Verdu, a former Oculus and EA game development executive. This prominent game developer executive hire is a perfect sign that Netflix intends to expand its presence in the region. The report also reveals that Netflix will be expanding its gaming staff in the next months to offer game streaming.

Netflix previously released video games that were based on its content. Netflix has also released interactive games like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The report states that Netflix’s new proposal will be available on existing platforms but in a different category. According to reports, game streaming won’t require an additional subscription.

Netflix’s game streaming format is not yet clear. Netflix may make its games or offer third-party games.

All this information points to Netflix offering video streaming. The streaming platform has not confirmed or denied this information.

What is Netflix’s Video Game Streaming Policy?

Gurman, a reliable source of rumours, stated that Netflix would be ready to offer game streaming “within one year.” This is a large timeframe in which Netflix could expand into new areas. Let’s dive deeper.

In June, Netflix hosted its annual investor meeting. This is where the streaming platform typically announces major changes, such as new show releases. This event took place in 2022, so it makes sense that Netflix would announce video game streaming at its 2022 event. Gurman also has a timeline for this.

Netflix hosts quarterly investor calls so that Netflix may announce game streaming. However, this seems unlikely, as video game streaming is a major announcement that would be more appropriate for the larger call.

Netflix Expands into Other Forms of Entertainment

Netflix is already the biggest streaming platform for TV and movies. The company would be smart to move into game streaming.

It is still unknown when or how the streaming platform will offer videogame streaming, but we hope that we find out soon.



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