Here’s what to do if the latest iOS update has ruined your iPhone battery life

Here's what to do if the latest iOS update has ruined your iPhone battery life

Apple is busy updating iOS 14 even though iOS 15 is still two more months away. Apple recently released iOS 14.6. The latest update has battery drain as a significant problem.

The iOS 14.6 update contains some new features and performance enhancements, but you might want to wait before downloading it. Users on Apple discussion forums and Reddit say that the update can cause significant battery drain.

The battery drain problem seems to be a common problem. It affects both older devices such as the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 12 Pro. For example, an Apple user posted that his iPhone 7 was losing its charge after only two hours of moderate usage.

The iPhone 12 reported that his battery had dropped from full charge to 30% after minimal usage. However, he also stated that his iPhone’s battery health is stable at 96%.

MacRumors’ astute observes that an unusual battery drain can be expected following iOS updates “due to system reindexing Spotlight, performing other household tasks.”

There is no quick fix for the problem, but there are things you can do. For example, an Apple support forum user reported that an Apple specialist advised him to perform a complete restore of his iPhone connected to his computer. Curiously, the battery problem vanished after restoring from an iCloud backup.

While it is painful to perform a complete restore, there are other options you may want to consider. First, go to Settings > Battery to see which apps are consuming a lot of battery life. For example, some users noted that Apple Music and Podcasts took a lot of their battery life.

You can also try other proven methods to conserve your battery. You can adjust the screen brightness or work in Low Power mode, for example.

Reddit user for iPhone said that his problem has escalated to Apple tech. The specialist stated that Apple knows about the problem and that the software is the cause.

The message states that “I have been talking to Apple for more than five hours over the past weeks. They’ve been recording my phone and doing all sorts of diagnostics.” They confirmed that the problem was software-related and did not have to do with hardware or Bluetooth. I am advised to wait for the next update.

It makes sense to expect iOS 14.7 to be released soon. iOS 14.7 beta is still relatively new. There is likely to be a fix soon.



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