Donald Trump Is Suing Google, Facebook, and Twitter Over “Censorship”

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Donald Trump Is Suing Google, Facebook, and Twitter Over

Trump filed class-action lawsuits in the United States against all three tech giants and their CEOs.

After being banned from all platforms following the January 6 Capitol Riots, Donald Trump has taken legal action against Twitter and Facebook. Trump stated that he is filing class-action lawsuits against each company and its CEOs. He claims that these social media networks unfairly censored him.

Trump Is Suing Big Tech for Alleged Censorship

Trump spoke at a New Jersey press conference, telling his audience that he is suing YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter to violate his right to free expression. Trump filed for punitive damages and the reinstatement of each account on each social media network.

Trump said at the press conference that he would prove that censorship was illegal, unconstitutional, and downright un-American. It will be a crucial battle in the history and evolution of the First Amendment.

Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act states that social media platforms have the right to remove content they consider offensive, lewd or lascivious.

Trump has long criticized big tech for allegedly censoring some points of view. Trump even signed an Executive Order during his presidency, which President Joe Biden has since revoked to limit the legal protections this law gives social networks.

Trump’s war on big tech began after his posts were removed repeatedly for violating Facebook and Twitter’s terms of service. Trump’s ban from mainstream social media was the final nail in his coffin.

After the protests on Capitol Hill, Twitter was the first social media platform to ban Trump. This was due to “the danger of further incitement to violence.” Facebook soon followed suit, and its Oversight Board affirmed the platform’s decision not to ban Trump at all until January 2023.

YouTube suspended Trump’s account in January. It plans to lift that ban only once the “risk of violence” has diminished.

What About Trump’s New Social Network?

Trump created GETTR to counter his bans on the most popular social media platforms. GETTR is proud to “reject political censorship” and “cancel culture,” which is a policy that Twitter and Facebook don’t seem to have.

Trump now has a platform he can use without fear, so it is not surprising that he filed a lawsuit to get his YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts back. Is Trump going to return to sites that he was allegedly wronged?



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