Nokia may need been the king of the mobile market in the past, but its brand never saw an equivalent successor ubiquity within the tablet market. All throughout its tumultuous recent history, there have only been four tablets under its name, including the pocket-size Nokia N800 and N810 “Internet Tablets.” That unlucky history doesn’t seem to possess fazed HMD Global, which has licensed the name for mobile devices. In its forthcoming October event, it’d be unveiling not just a replacement mid-range phone but its first Nokia-branded tablet also.

Even back when Nokia still made its own devices, it barely dabbled in…

Galaxy A13 5G 50MP camera might be the start of a new trend

A lot of attention is given to Samsung’s high-end and costlier smartphones, which isn’t surprising since that’s what the company’s marketing machinery tries to push to consumers’ consciousness anyway. There is, however, also a plethora of choices under Samsung’s name that address different markets and consumers with different needs and, most significantly , budgets. These are often left by the wayside when it involves mobile technology innovations, but it seems that Samsung are going to be giving its Galaxy A series some TLC, starting with a humble Galaxy A13 5G.

That “5G” within the name alone already suggests a really significant…

CATAN: World Explorers from Pokemon GO developer is shutting down

Although Pokemon GO continues to be a well-liked game and money-maker for Niantic Labs, the mobile AR game developer hasn’t had much success with its other attempts are recreating that magic. CATAN: World Explorers, the mobile AR recreation of a highly popular parlour game, is the newest evidence of its failure. While the heavyweight brand should have garnered interest and resources, it seems that it just wasn’t meant to be because the game is shutting down soon after spending a year in early access.

It is beginning to desire Pokemon GO may be a one-off success that couldn’t be recreated, even…

Google Meet low-light mode is finally coming to the Web

The age of video conferencing that begun last year has forced many of us to re-evaluate not only their computers but also their rooms and residential office setups. Additionally, having an honest webcam, disorganized backgrounds, and poor lighting add more concerns to mentally stressed people. The previous has been fixed by virtual backgrounds, which sometimes find you to be more distracting. At the same time, the latter is being addressed by automatic lighting adjustment, one that’s finally coming to Google Meet on Web browsers.

Unlike at the office, we’ve less control over our working environment reception. From distractions to room setup…

Upcoming Star Wars game may have a surprising developer

At the start of this year, Disney and Lucasfilm announced the revival of the Lucasfilm Games, and with it, we saw the announcement of partnerships with a couple of companies to make new Star Wars titles. At times, Electronic Arts are best referred to as the developer and publisher of Star Wars titles, but the times of it being the exclusive license holder are over. With Disney and LucasFilm Games branching bent new companies, we hear rumours which claim a future Star Wars title might come from a surprising studio.

That studio is Quantic Dream, known for games that emphasise storytelling…

Galaxy S22+ specs leak almost reveals the entire confusing picture

With no “normal” flagship scheduled for the remainder of the year, Samsung fans could be looking forward to next year’s Galaxy S22 for his or her next upgrade. Samsung has traditionally offered three Galaxy S models per annum, which next year won’t be different. What could be different, however, is how Samsung will spin the Galaxy S22 because, as far as recent leaks go, it seems to be taking one breakthrough and a couple of steps back, putting the road in danger for an additional disappointing year.

There was already some talk regarding the Galaxy S22+’s smaller battery, downgraded from 4,800…

Pixel 6 Live Translate will combine Google’s best translation features

Although Google serves many users on many platforms, it often shows preferential treatment to Pixel phone owners. A number of those exclusive features eventually find their thanks to other Android phones, but the simplest of the simplest remains a highlight for Google’s phones. One such feature could be Live Translate, that’s getting to be exclusive to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, pooling together several of Google’s best work when it involves AI-powered translation services.

Google’s translation service online existed a couple of years before Android phones even became fashionable. Since then, the corporate has flexed its machine-generated translation muscles…

Galaxy Z Fold 3 drop tests prove Samsung’s boast again

It has been a few months since the Galaxy Z Fold 3 first landed in consumers’ hands. The jury is already out, and Samsung’s latest and greatest foldable has had mixed but mostly positive reviews. One aspect of the device that only a few reviewers dare to check out is its durability, mostly due to the $1,800 tag attached to it. Fortunately, there are a couple of that do take the plunge and check out to verify or refute Samsung’s claims about the phone’s durability.

Samsung’s durability claims revolve round the 80% stronger foldable display, the utilization of Gorilla Glass Victus…

PS5 restock and Xbox Series X at Best Buy this week: For real?

Best Buy stores can reportedly release PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles within the USA in the week. This can be the primary time PlayStation 5 (PS5) would be released during a physical store within the USA at a major-label non-club retailer in 2021. It’s been an extended, weird journey since the 2 mega-popular gaming consoles were released, and this could be the primary real sign that we’re headed back to a traditional world (as far as console sales in stores are concerned.)

According to sources speaking with TechRadar, Best Buy stores will have Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series…

Hisense now gives buyers 100 days to test drive TVs: The fine print

Hisense has introduced its new “No Regrets” promotion for consumers looking to shop for a replacement TV but who are worried about investing tons of cash in something they’ll not ultimately like. Under this promotion, Hisense is giving consumers the chance to shop for a replacement TV through certain retailers then, if they choose, return it within the primary 100 days for a full refund.

Long-duration testing opportunities are common for online mattress purchases but aren’t common among television manufacturers. The chance to check to drive a TV for 100 days is out there for the L9G Laser TV or a…

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